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  • Sell More
  • Drive more traffic
  • Bypass the competition
  • Get real ROI
  • Advertise for free
  • Interact with your customers
  • Share with employees, groups, teams, channel partners, and other businesses

It's Free!

Who Can Sign Up for a Business Account?

Any business can sign up for a business account. Any for profit, any non-profit, government, sole proprietor, or individual who has products or services to sell, market, advertise, and socialize can sign up for a business account. Your business does not need to have products or services to sell. Perhaps you simply want to solve business problems (for example, find a manufacturer, accountant, attorney, resellers, retailers and the like) or market your business, or share content. These are all valid reasons to have a business account. We give you the tools to benefit your business, as you see fit.

Why should you sign up for a Deal Acceleration Business Account?

Deal Acceleration is the only social media company that provides you, the online retailer, with a main profile page and a social media page that connects you with businesses and your customers in these different and compelling ways:

  1. Get measurable ROI when you drive traffic to your Deal Acceleration profile by connecting your audience directly to where they can buy your products and services.

  2. A blog-like page which allows you to market your business by sending messages to, and collect information from, your customers and target audiences. You can deliver up to two free ads, discount offers, or other incentives on your social media page.

  3. Your main business profile page allows you to leverage your social media marketing strategy by receiving emails from your customers and delivering company information (including logos), product descriptions (including pictures), and service information to your customers.

  4. Your business profile page also allows you to set up links, which connects you to your customers. Your buyers connect directly to the purchase pages of where they can buy or find out more about your products or services. This helps you bypass the competition on websites by sending customers directly to your purchase page.

  5. Connect your profile to your website using the Deal Acceleration icon to help your business grow as a key part of your social media selling strategy. Deal Acceleration icons are placed along with Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook icons on your website.

  6. You can greatly assist in achieving the results you want on Deal Acceleration by delivering campaigns which drive traffic to your Deal Acceleration profile.

  7. You can have your profile placed ahead of the millions of other profiles. Contact [email protected] to discuss options and current pricing.

How does Deal Acceleration do all this?

Business Accounts allow you to grow, to boost profitability, and increase customer loyalty by simply creating your searchable profile. You can set up as many business accounts as desired to meet the needs of your business product or service teams, groups, or other entities. Your Business Account profile can be used to help solve a wide range of business needs.

See how Deal Acceleration works!

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Deal Acceleration Fees for Standard Features:

If your business has an Affiliate Partnership agreement with Deal Acceleration, the following fee structure does not apply. See your Affiliate Partner Agreement for details.


  • Create one searchable business page and one searchable social media page
  • Drive traffic directly to your business and website
  • Market your business products and services with free upload of promotional material**
  • Utilize search capabilities to enable business transactions or locate products/services
  • Collaborate and share requests and documents
  • Organize and manage your outgoing email requests
  • Set up a screen name and picture for a social media page
  • Save your favorite businesses, products and services for easy access and real-time interaction in the social media marketplace
  • Set up and manage your products and services
  • Get real ROI by sharing with employees, groups, businesses, consumers, and more
  • No risk - you can cancel at any time

How much does it cost?

Initially: Free (when you close your first deal, $49.99 USD for a 12-month period.)*

* A "12-month period" refers to the 12 months starting on the date you sign up for your Deal Acceleration account. After the first twelve months, the process repeats and another $49.99 USD fee would be charged for the next deal closed during the next 12-month period. Your business will never be charged more than the above US $49.99 fee during your anniversary period, no matter how many deals you close after your first one.

** Businesses can upload up to two free ads that will post on their social media page. Our general site ads are strictly a pay for premium service.

It's Free!