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  • Find and interact with your favorite online retailers
  • Easily connect with where to shop for products and services
  • Quickly find out about the latest products and services using social media blogging to communicate with your favorite businesses
  • Make Deal Acceleration your social media hub for all your buying needs
  • Share your favorite online businesses, products, and services with friends and family and other social networks
  • Search for businesses, products, services, and people
  • It's free!

Why should you sign up for a deal acceleration consumer account?

Deal Acceleration is the only social media platform that enables you to easily interact with individual businesses in different and compelling ways:

  1. You can sign up for a chance to win fun and exciting products or services.*

  2. You won't have to search through online retailer sites to find the products you want. Deal Acceleration links you right to the product or service you want to buy.

  3. You can search for, find, and save all your favorite businesses, products and services, and searches - all from your favorites page.

  4. Seamlessly interact with your favorite businesses using a blog-like page. Set up your social media picture and screen name and start interacting today.

  5. Find out more about your favorite businesses and send emails to engage on a wide variety of needs.

  6. Connect your profile to your personal website using the Deal Acceleration icon.

How does deal acceleration do all this?

Consumer Accounts allow you to consolidate all your favorites (businesses, products, services, and searches) in one place, like an online bazaar. You can easily get the best deals on products and services you want to buy and share with your friends and family. Your Consumer Account is searchable and allows you to engage and share with online retailers, friends, and family to have more fun and get more value out of your online shopping experience.

See how deal acceleration works!

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Deal Acceleration standard features:


  • Utilize search to enable business transactions or find out more about products or services
  • Connect with your friends and family
  • Save and share all your favorite businesses, products, services, pictures, and more with your friends and family
  • Post and share information on your social media page
  • Set up screen name and picture for social media page
  • No risk - you can cancel at any time

How much does it cost?

It's Free!

It's free!