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Cookies on the Deal Acceleration site

Does Deal Acceleration Use Cookies?

Deal Acceleration wants to provide you with the best user experience, so we use cookies, pixels, tags and other similar technologies to validate your information. This allows you to do things, such as pull up your specific account information, edit it, and provide the information you choose to deliver through our service.

Cookies, a small file placed on your device, enable us to identify you, and so deliver your Deal Acceleration features, including your ability to log into your account. To be able to use Deal Acceleration's services, you have to allow your browser to accept cookies and such. If you refuse cookies, many of the Deal Acceleration services will not work properly.

Deal Acceleration utilizes analytic companies like Google Analytics that may also place cookies on your machine. See their privacy policy to ensure that you're comfortable with the manner in which they use cookies. For more information, click Google Analytics.

What types of cookies does Deal Acceleration Use?

Deal Acceleration uses two types of cookies, persistent and session. Persistent cookies are set at log in to your Deal Acceleration account. Every time you log into the Deal Acceleration website using the same device, the persistent cookie will enable us to recognize you as an existing user.

A session cookie identifies a particular log in to the Deal Acceleration website. Session cookies expire when you log out or close your web browser.

When does Deal Acceleration put cookies on my device?

Cookies may be set by other websites or services that run content on the page you're viewing (known as third-party cookies).

You can also learn more about Deal Acceleration's advertising practices by reading our Privacy Policy.

What are cookies used for?
Cookies can be used by Deal Acceleration to:
  • Provide authentication - cookies are used to recognize you when you are logged in to Deal Acceleration, so that we can personalize your experience.
  • Enable security - cookies enable security features and help us detect malicious activity and Terms and Conditions violations.
  • Set preferences - cookies remember your preferences, such as which language you prefer and can help you fill out forms on Deal Acceleration. Cookies also provide you with your personal features and services.
  • Advertise - cookies match you to relevant advertising both on and off the Deal Acceleration site. Cookies can learn whether members who saw an ad on Deal Acceleration, later visited the advertiser's site. Cookies can also be used to determine how an ad has performed (by tracking click throughs, users visits, and such). Cookies and similar advertising technologies help Deal Acceleration more effectively serve ads to you and collect aggregated auditing, research, and reporting information for advertisers.

Note: Because your web browser may request advertisements and web beacons directly from ad network servers, these networks can view, edit, or set their own cookies, just as if you had requested a web page from their site.

  • Enhance performance - cookies help us learn how well our site performs globally. For instance, cookies can help us balance traffic between servers and provide statistics on how quickly Deal Acceleration loads for different users.
  • Perform analytics and research - cookies help us understand how you access and use the Deal Acceleration website. Deal Acceleration can then respond and adjust to better serve you across all your device types such as laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. Cookies also help us track users who click on business products and services and are redirected to third-party websites. We use cookies to validate that users landed on those pages and if they clicked on product or service items on third-party sites enabling tracking of successful click throughs and any relevant associated information.