Deal Acceleration

Business Users

Can I have a business and a personal profile?

Of course.

Can I have two or more business profiles?

Yes. You can set up as many business or personal profiles as you require. Note that each account requires a unique email address to verify your account.

Do I have to have a graphic for my profile(s)?

No. Your personal or business profiles do not have to have your picture or logo or other on them, but keep in mind that it is a social site and users will tend to respond more often if you have a relevant picture or graphic posted.

How does Deal Acceleration protect my credit card information?

Deal Acceleration does not retain your credit card information with your profile.

Do I need to enter a credit card as part of my business profile?

No. Deal Acceleration does not collect credit card information that is associated with your profile.

When and how do I pay my annual $49.99 fee?

When you complete your first business transaction on Deal Acceleration, you will receive an invoice to your email box as part of your Deal Acceleration account. You will also receive an email to your registered private email account telling you that you have an invoice and where to go to pay that. Once you log in to your account, you pay that bill with a credit card. The credit card information you enter is not retained by Deal Acceleration.

Will I ever have to pay more than the $49.99 fee for my Deal Acceleration business profile?

No. The fee covers the calendar year starting from the day you sign up. If you don’t conduct any business transactions during this time, you do not owe a fee. If you conduct just one transaction, you will owe the fee. If you conduct many transactions during this year, you only pay the fee once. After your year has expired, you enter a new calendar year and a fee will again be due for transactions conducted during that year but you never owe more than one $49.99 fee per annual use of your Deal Acceleration profile.

How do I sign up to get my profile supported by a Deal Acceleration Affiliate agreement to waive my $49.99 annual fee?

If you sell on, or are part of Rakutan, or Commission Junction, Deal Acceleration has an Affiliate Partner agreement in place. For more information, contact Deal Acceleration.

How can I make sure I get the best ROI for my business using Deal Acceleration?

We recommend that you have a quality logo along with pictures of your products and services as part of your profile. Also make sure you have as many products and services as possible, so more users can search and find your profile.

We recommend you deploy campaigns that help drive users to your profile along with using your social media page to get valuable feedback from your audience. Your social media page also ensures you stay engaged with your target audience.

You should take advantage of the two free ads available for you to leverage your social media page (you do this under the Edit Profile drop down menu under the Profile tab).

If you would like to make sure that your profile is seen more readily by users, you have two other options:

  • 1. You can send us a note to request an ad to ensure your profile is seen as part of user searches and/or reaches all of our users.
Do I have to sell something on my business profile?

No. You can use your profile to help you serve your business however you see fit. Given we offer a broad range of services and solutions, you can use your profile for only marketing, to just help you solve other business problems, to just drive traffic to help you rank higher on SEO. Either way we highly recommend you use campaigns to drive your target audience to your profile to get maximum results.

Consumer Profiles

For my consumer profile, do I have to buy something to use this site?

No. Although we have a huge selection of items we think you may love, you can use your profile to meet your personal needs.

As a consumer can I post on company social walls and my friends and family walls, as well as my own wall?

Yes. You can post on any walls which can be searched and found. In fact we encourage you to save any businesses, products, or services you like to your favorites, so you can easily access them and be able to be social with them all.

Does your Privacy Policy mean that my profile is private?

No. This is social media and the point is to share and interact. So the information you post on your profile is viewable by others. Note that Deal Acceleration does not collect personal information like your address and financial data, so that information is private. Deal Acceleration recommends to everyone that you post only content which you want others to see.

Can I block others on Deal Acceleration from viewing my personal profile?

No. Currently Deal Acceleration does not have any settings which allow you to block users from viewing the information posted on your profile page.

Where can I check out videos about

Our Youtube links are here and